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What is Korea really like? Not always an easy question for Koreans or non-Koreans to answer. This question was the basis for Inside Korea: Discovering the People and Culture. It is a helpful and portable reference on Korea and its people.


The 20 chapters in Writing Korean Writing Korean for Beginnersfor Beginners  provide a wide range of practical, everyday situations to help readers improve their written Korean, Hangeul. Every chapter has specific goals, tasks, sample texts, vocabulary & expressions, grammar, and culture tips.  Plus, with an answer key at the back of the book, readers can carry out a self-assessment at the end of each chapter.


Do you love kimchi?  Time to learn how to make it! Good Morning, Kimchi! offers the history and science of the pickled delicacy, the ingredients and utensils needed to make it, and the customs associated with it. Learn recipes for 20 types of traditional kimchi, plus 20 types of new fusion kimchi that blend ingredients from around the world with this distinctly Korean staple.